32 core Magento SSD Cluster

We have just completed a massive 32 core cpu custom magento cluster using the latest 12 Gen Dell Enterprise servers with Intel 330 series SSD drives. This was to help an existing customer who started getting 700 + concurrent users to their Magento store, they expect this traffic to double in the next month.
We have load balanced the web front end with an all SSD web and Mysql cluster.

2 x Dell R720 web server front end
Raid 10 Intel 330 SSD 256 GB Drives
24 Gb Ram
Dual hex core Sandy Bridge Intel cpu
710 Raid cards with battery backup
Dual 750w PSU
1 x Dell R320 Mysql server
Raid 10 Intel 330 SSD 256 GB drives
16 Gb Ram
Quad core Sandy Bridge Intel cpu
2 x load balancer servers HA pair

We added Litespeed enterprise and Varnish caching to help things along.

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