When the Cloudflare Railgun Backfires


I spoke with 2 team leads from Clouflare on the phone today, both really nice and helpful guys. They will be sorting the issues out we had. Top marks guys!


Cloudflare is an excellent service and we recommend it thouroughly having had a great experience until this week.

One of our customers was experiencing a heavy load of nearly 2000 concurrent users on their magento site, not a problem as we have built a custom Magento cluster with a huge 32 Xeon cores powered  with intel SSD raid arrays on Dell 12th gen kit. In short the best you can buy.


We ran this customer on Cloudflare and it ran well, until we opted for the $200 per month Railgun option. After nearly 48 hours of support tickets we finally got the epic response of:

Engineering hasn’t responded yet, but there should be an updated version of Railgun next week which should improve speed and stability of the railgun listener. Thank you for your patience   


So Railgun doesnt quite work for busy sites, our customer lost sales for a 48 hour period in the time it took to get the final response. Support could not answer our question fully. I hope Railgun does work in future releases and we will try it again for sure. But for now it will stop your Magento site from selling and cause you and your customers trouble. Shame…

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