With hundreds of other hosting companies fighting for your attention, why should you choose us? In addition to our high quality specialist Magento hosting and support services, fully managed network and server hardware.

There are some extra things that we believe set us apart from the competition:



100% Magento hosting

100% of our customer base are running Magento ecommerce software from Magento Enterprise clusters to Magento CE.

True Specialist Solutions

We SPECIALISE, and offer dedicated support teams for Magento,  and other leading open source E Commerce platforms, our servers are optimised to run applications that you need quickly and with maximum security. We also offer extra bespoke services for all of our hosted software.

It’s all we do

We only host servers, we are not involved in web design or Magento development, so there are no conflict of interests.

We own our own infrastructure

We own all our own servers and rack space, we do not resell another companies servers or space.

We are here to stay!

We are a cash rich privately owned company, with no liabilities and large year on year growth. We own all of our servers and networking equipment outright. All equipment is paid for upfront. No leases, no finance.

Magento experts

We have been hosting Magento since the first beta. We know it back to front and inside out.


All too often in this industry a company will advertise “24/7 support” We have real staff monitoring our support helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who are ready and more than able to help any client with any problems or deal with any server issues picked up by our detailed monitoring system.

Server Awareness

We’re fully aware of what each server can handle and what should be done to ensure complete stability and you can be sure that at no point will you suffer unnecessarily high loads or slow response times. All servers are constantly monitored to provide immediate notification of any problems so if any problems do occur, you can be sure we’ll be fixing it fast.

Server Friendly

Once a server has reached its limit of accounts all new accounts will be put on a new server. The reliability and stability of that server is our main concern.

Open communication

All hosting companies will have some kind of problem from time to time – how they deal with this is often what makes or breaks them! Even though many things can be done to minimise problems, at some point something may happen which affects clients and we pride ourselves on fast and open communication so that everyone is kept informed.