High Availability Cloud…as Standard

SafeCloud servers have enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover. This saves valuable admin time and helps ensure maximum uptime.

Automatic failover and backup

SafeCloud constantly monitors the status of servers in the cloud, and features an extremely valuable automatic failover process if a hypervisor becomes unavailable. Failover is initiated in 15 seconds if Cloud Safe receives no response from a hypervisor, and the virtual machines it hosts are automatically migrated to another suitable hypervisor in the cloud. Virtual machine backups can also be automated, in addition to manual backup and restore functions.

Anti-spoofing, anti-sniffing firewalls

SafeCloud features multi-layered security. In addition to hypervisor security features, we implement a Customer Isolation Module on hypervisor servers. This anti-spoof/anti-sniff firewall technology ensures that only authorised traffic is sent to/from virtual machines, keeping your data and applications safer.

Hot migration

SafeCloud lets you migrate virtual machines between hypervisor servers at will, or migrate all virtual machines hosted by one hypervisor to another.


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