Need to know more about colocation and our services? Take a look below at our FAQ’s. If your questions aren’t answered here call our sales hotline and one of our Engineers will be happy to help.

How do you charge for colocation?

Every server needs a certain amount of power to run, the amount of power it draws is measured in amps and we charge per amp of power used, not per Unit of space in a rack. So for example you could have a 5U tower server that draws 1 amp and in this case the cost will be for 1 amp per month.

Can I colocate just one server?

Yes you can.

What are your guaranteed SLA’s?

100 % Power and Cooling availability

99.99% Network uptime guarantee

24/7/365 Support availability

How many IP Addresses can I have?

We provide 2 publicly routed IP addresses as standard with each order. We can provide you with as many additional IP addrsses you require subject to RIPE justification. RIPE is the body responsible for allocation of IP addresses in Europe.

Where are your Data Centres?

Simple Servers specialises in premier colocation datacentre space and IT infrastructure solutions. It specialises in hosting premier data space with diverse connectivity options for clients of all sizes, elite security measures and exceptional technical support services. Located in Studley, Warwickshire, Simple Servers uses an accomplished Tier IV aligned datacentre that offers quality service and infrastructure equal to and above many of the datacentres located in the congested London area.

Who manages the system on the server?

You do, it is still your server so you manage the system but enjoy the benefits of your equipment being hosted in a Data Centre, i.e. protection from power failures, high levels of physical security, controlled environment and high speed internet connection

Can we reserve space in a rack for future growth?

Yes you can, please call our sales hotline and let us know what your requirements are.

Is my Full Rack lockable?

Yes it is and only granted persons will have access to your rack.

Do you charge for access to my equipment?

No we do not,

Can I park at the NOC?

Yes, there is on site car parking available.

What is the bandwidth at your location?

We have a total of 9Gbps of upstream Internet Bandwidth, clients standard internet connection speed is 100Mbps , but we can also provide 1Gbps connections

How do I connect to my server ?

Any way that suits you, SSH/RDP or Citrix ICA are all fine, in fact anything that works on TCP/IP

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