Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and Community Edition 1.9.2

magento-home-badgeMagento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and Community Edition 1.9.2 has been released giving users even more power to accelerate their growth through enhanced merchandising tools and deeper business insights.

Key new features include:

  • New automated product category sorting capabilities for Enterprise Edition that make merchandising faster and consistently highlight top performing and profitable products.
  • Integration of Google Tag Manager™ in Enterprise Edition to enable faster time to market for new marketing campaigns, more accurate data collection, and access to advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Access to new automated functional tests to help improve implementation quality and time to market by speeding up the testing process.
  • Magento Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) enables retailers to create custom iOS applications to help them grow their mobile sales and build brand affinity and loyalty. With over 2.17 billion global app users expected by the end of 2015, and growing usage of mobile shopping and lifestyle apps, adding a mobile app can play a critical role in capturing more mobile sales and a greater share of wallet. The Magento Mobile SDK provides a comprehensive library of resources for creating a full-featured Magento app that significantly reduces development effort and time to market. Additionally, the SDK includes a sample app that merchants can customize to accelerate their development.
  • Braintree Payment Extension: The Magento platform now integrates with Braintree to offer retailers enhanced online payment capabilities. This free and easy to install extension helps increase sales, reduce risk and deliver a better customer experience by managing customer issues like exchanges and errors over the phone without ever having to request the customer’s credit card information a second time. Merchants can easily integrate Braintree with their Magento store, accept payments globally and rely on state-of-the-art managed fraud protection via Kount, offered through the extension.“We have seen merchants decrease their fraud rates once they implemented Braintree. That alone is worth the investment. We are using this extension for very large merchants – some doing more than $100 million in online volume,” said Ariel Spiegel, Principal, SDG Inc. a Magento Gold Solution Partner.
  • New Relic Extension: Magento is also announcing a new extension for the New Relic software analytics platform. This extension will give merchants visibility into their hosting environment health and application performance, so they can quickly identify the root cause of issues and consider new ideas for improving site performance. Leveraging the New Relic Insights service, Magento customers can also track data such as order activity, average order value, catalog size, installed modules, and more so they can get a better understanding of how site configuration and performance influence conversion.“New Relic is proud to partner with Magento to help its customers build better software and make better decisions through data,” said John Gray, New Relic SVP Business Development. “New Relic’s software analytics platform has already proven successful for many of Magento’s customers and this extension will help provide even more retailers with a crucial lens into app performance and business data.”

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