Magento 2 version of M2E Pro out now

m2e-proThe M2E Team is pleased to announce the release of the M2E M2, – Magento 2 compatible version of M2E Pro.

Merchants can now seamlessly integrate their Magento 2 E-Commerce platforms with eBay/Amazon marketplaces across the world. M2E M2 solution is a Magento native solution in which all the data is managed solely in Magento. No clouds, no data duplications.

M2E M2 facilitates full inventory control and order management; provides centralised data management and task automation; supports an unlimited number of stores & accounts; delivers flexible pricing, task automation and product repricing, manages existing (3rd party) eBay and Amazon listings.

Please be aware that M2E M2 is an entirely different from Magento 1.x system, different: structurally and functionally.

From now on, M2E team will maintain development of the two separate solutions: M2E M1 and M2E M2, which are based on M2E Pro technology, Both (M2E M1 and M2E M2) have the independent roadmaps, versioning, release / upgrade schedules. Additionally, M2E M1 and M2E M2 may differ in architecture and features. For more information, please visit relevant documentation and release pages.

If you are new to M2E Pro, you can install M2E Pro M2 following the article on

To ease migration for existing M2E Pro users from M2E M1 to M2E M2, we have designed the “M2E Pro Migration Tool”, which can come handy when transferring the M2E Pro related data from Magento 1.x systems and adopting it for usage on Magento 2.x platform. The detailed information about this Tool you can find on the following page

We offer dedicated and shared M2E Hosting plans with full M2E Support.

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