Reasons to make it simple

The only e commerce host that can claim

Founded in 2008 the same year Magento was launched

8 UK data centre locations owned and managed by us

Free Magento support included with all plans

We built SpeedStack, an entire operating system engineered for Magento and WordPress

We built WebCharger, a Litespeed caching system engineered for Magento and WordPress


We own 8 premium UK data centres

We will not jeopardise our client’s mission Magento sites by relying on middlemen to deliver core components of our service for us. When we say “our data centres” – we mean it. we do not resell another companies servers or space. We are the the ONLY Magento specialist host in the UK that can claim this.

 We are here to stay!

We are a cash rich privately owned company, with no liabilities and large year on year growth. We own all of our servers and networking equipment outright. All equipment is paid for upfront. No leases, no finance.

We are the fastest Magento host

With many other hosts claiming to sell Magento ‘optimised’ hosting, there is a difference in making claims and being able to prove them. We consistently provide the fastest Magento hosting on all of our services on our industry leading Magento SpeedStack architecture. Don’t take our word for it, check out our demo sites and independent speed test site results.

A True Specialist Solution

We SPECIALISE, and offer dedicated support teams for Magento and Woocommerce, our servers are optimised with our exclusive SpeedStack OS to run applications that you need quickly and with maximum security. You get expert Magento and Woocommerce support you won’t get elsewhere.

 We are agency friendly

We only host e commerce sites, we are not involved in web design or Magento development, so there are no conflict of interests. We work with agencies every day to solve Magento related issues.

Magento experts since 2008

We have been hosting Magento since the first beta. We know it back to front and inside out.

24/7/365 Support

All too often in this industry a company will advertise “24/7 support” We have real staff monitoring our support helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who are ready and more than able to help any client with any problems or deal with any server issues picked up by our detailed monitoring system.

Server awareness

We’re fully aware of what each server can handle and what should be done to ensure complete stability and you can be sure that at no point will you suffer unnecessarily high loads or slow response times. All servers are constantly monitored to provide immediate notification of any problems so if any problems do occur, you can be sure we’ll be fixing it fast.

Shared hosting friendly

Once a shared server has reached its limit of accounts all new accounts will be put on a new server. The reliability, speed and stability of that server is our main concern. We never oversell shared hosting, in fact we undersell all shared servers to ensure we remain the fastest Magento and Woocommerce hosters in the UK.

 No single point of failure

We proudly maintain a 100% uptime SLA and achieve this by providing redundant architecture. All our servers are connected to 2 independent power feeds and 2 independent switches as standard. We have no single point of failure within our architecture.