Improve your sites performance up to 100%

Cloud Accelerator is fully automatic, web content is compressed and distributed across our global CDN



Cloud Accelerator is an add-on to our Cloud platform. It automatically accelerates web applications running in your cloud by optimising pages, scripts and images, and publishing them automatically to our global CDN, using 19 locations.


Cloud Accelerator is fully automatic, and does not modify or reduce the quality of source content.
Web content is compressed to reduce file size and bandwidth use.
Content is distributed across our global CDN and delivered to end users from the location nearest to them, to reduce latency.
Content is cached in the browser with a long expiry time, to provide near-instant load times for future content requests – without compromising the ability to change content

Global CDN
Performance is everything for web applications hosted in your cloud. Cloud Accelerator improves performance up to 100% without having to deploy and manage a full-blown CDN.
No config or recoding
Cloud Accelerator is an instant, hands-free web acceleration solution. No recoding, no DNS or CNAME changes – just a single click. The content delivery network, and the Cloud Accelerator service, are fully managed by us.
Patent-pending acceleration method
Using a patent-pending content acceleration method, Cloud Accelerator automatically compresses, minifies and cdnifies web content running on virtual servers (html, png, gif, jpeg, webp, css and js files) – then distributes it to 19 locations across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.
 Built for Magento and WordPress
Cloud Accelerator delivers massive speed gains, improved quality score and improved conversion for your stores.

Real World Testing

We tested the same site with and without accelerator applied from all over the world, the results were impressive with a page size reduction from 2.3MB to 564kB and over 100% speed increase, more in several areas.

Before Accelerator applied

SAN JOSE BEFOREpage-load-time

MELBOURNE BEFOREmelbourne-before
NEW YORK BEFORE new-york-before

STOCKHOLM BEFOREstockholm-before

DALLAS BEFOREdallas-before

AFTER Accelerator applied

SAN JOSE AFTERsan-hose-after
MELBOURNE AFTERbefore-after-2

NEW YORK AFTERNew-York-after

STOCKHOLM AFTERstockhom-after

DALLAS AFTERdallas-page-load

UK Testing

We tested the same site with and without Cloud Accelerator applied from the UK, the results were just as impressive as the international testing with big drop in load time and page size and a huge uplift in quality score

Before Accelerator applied


AFTER Accelerator applied


How much does it cost?

Cloud accelerator can be added to existing customers on our next gen cloud or can be added at the time of order, the cost is £49 per month + VAT

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