Why Colocate Your Server

We offer organisations all the benefits of hosting their servers in our custom-built, fully-monitored data centres – but with the control and cost advantages of using and maintaining their own equipment.


We give customers the peace of mind associated with mission critical facilities without the necessary capital outlay by you in ensuring protection from ;

  • Physical risks e.g. Theft, Fire, Flood
  • Risks of Power Failure
  • Risk of network failure

Colocating your servers at our secure facility also gives your business the ability to expand its e-commerce and data processing capability quickly and easily as the business demands.
“1000Mbps Internet Connection directly on the internet backbone”

At Simple Servers , all our Colocation packages include the following features as standard:

  • Hosting in a state of the art data centre
  • 100Mbps Internet Connection directly on the internet backbone
  • As many IP addresses as you need (subject to RIPE justification)
  • Bandwidth reporting over the web