magento security

Put and end to security worries and hacked sites

We patch all known security issues and vulnerabilities in Magento Core

Magento regularly releases security patches, are you up to date?



Magento regularly releases security patches that help protect stores from attackers and customer data theft. It’s very important to apply new patches as soon as possible to protect your store.

Missed patches regardless of the security of the server enables criminals to capture the credit card details of your customers and compromise your business.


We check current state, verify already applied patches, local overrides and install the following Magento security patches:

SUPEE-9767SUPEE-9652SUPEE-8788SUPEE-8167SUPEE-7405v1.1SUPEE-7405SUPEE-6788SUPEE-6482SUPEE-6285SUPEE-5994SUPEE-5344SUPEE-3941SUPEE-3762, SUPEE-2725/1049 and APPSEC-212.
We also patch known RCE vulnerabilities in the following third-party extensions: EM Ajaxproducts RCE vulnerability, Cart2Quote RCE vulnerabilityMD Quickview RCE vulnerabilityEM Quickshop RCE vulnerability, Amfeed vulnerability



 GDPR compliant
Organisations found in breach of the Regulation can expect administrative fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million.
 Reduce risk of fines
Not complying with your requirement commitment could mean you are banned from accepting cards and/or increased fees to process cards. Moreover, fines that can range from £3,000 to £60,000 depending on your bank’s merchant account agreement may also be levied.
 Reduce PFI Invstigations
Having a patched Magento site will reduce the risk of a PFI and Criminal investigation.

Additional security steps we undertake

After patch installation we perform additional tasks to secure your store:-

  • Restrict access to downloader
  • Change Backend path from /admin/
  • Restrict access to MagMI tool
  • Block access to /rss/ to prevent brute force attacks
  • Update EM Ajaxproducts to fix EM Ajaxproducts RCE vulnerability
  • Patch Cart2Quote extension to close Cart2Quote RCE vulnerability
  • Patch MD Quickview extension to close MD Quickview RCE vulnerability
  • Scan and quarantine rogue base 64 files
  • Scan and remove any hostile admin users


How much does it cost to secure my Magento site?

A fully patched Magento 1.x site is only £249.00. Please order HERE