M-Cloud Gen 3 is the fastest cloud for Magento

Unprecedented Magento performance in the cloud

The cloud built from the ground up for Magento, M-Cloud

Our Gen 3 Magento cloud features double ram and storage, high availability, daily backups, DDoS protection and an all enterprise SSD storage solution built specially for Magento

magento-logo Real Magento experts

For the fastest Magento cloud hosting we deploy an all enterprise SSD storage solution for the best disk I/O performance. SSD storage is ideal for database driven or read/write intensive applications with higher than normal disk I/O, like Magento.

Add the latest Intel Chipsets, SpeedStack, DDoS protection, Litespeed Enterprise Web Server, Optimised Php Optcode caching and custom Mysql Install. Giving you the fastest possible Magento cloud solution on the market today.

magentos-logo Exclusive SpeedStack servers

Our Magento servers runs on an operating system built only for Magento, SpeedStack. It’s available in two forms standard and enterprise and is a complete Magento stack with our custom optional Webcharger tech built in.

SpeedStack Enterprise gives you load balancing, clustering and is highly available as standard.

We only host Magento and WordPress, don’t confuse us with a standard host offering bolt on ‘specialist’ hosting.

the-mag-cloudThe cloud built for Magento

We built M-Cloud from the beginning to serve Magento sites. It’s not running other services, it doesn’t do anything else. the whole architecture was designed to overcome the latency issues most cloud providers suffer from. With high availability as standard you can rest assured your store will not stop taking orders if there is a hardware failure.


Improve your sites performance up to 100%

Cloud Accelerator is fully automatic, web content is compressed and distributed across our global CDN Click Here

The ONLY Magento host that has:-

DDoS Mitigation Built In — 8 Fully Owned Premium UK Data Centres — Full Magento Support Included

Gen 3 M-Cloud Server Plans

    M-Cloud S


    Per month

    M-Cloud M


    Per month

    M-Cloud L


    Per month

    M-Cloud Custom

    £ POA

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    High Availability 
    new-product Image Backups 
    Cores/CPU 1 Xeon E5 2 Xeon E5 4 Xeon E5 1-200 Xeon E5
    new-product Ram – 2133MT/s DDR4 2GB 4GB 8GB 1GB-1.5TB
    new-product Enterprise SSD Storage 40GB SSD 60GB SSD 100GB SSD 20GB-1.9TB SSD
    new-product Cloud Accelerator Optional Optional Optional Optional
    new-product Fibre SSD Storage
    Server Management  Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Free Magento Support
    Free Magento Install
    Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    PCI DSS Compliant
    Cisco Firewall
    Sentinel Active Firewall
    OS SpeedStack SpeedStack SpeedStack SpeedStack
    CloudFlare CDN
    Zend OPcache
    Online Support
    Litespeed Webserver Optional Optional Optional Optional
    NGINX Webserver Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Apache Webserver
    Percona Optional Optional Optional Optional
    WebCharger Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Root Access
    UK Location
    One Click Installer Optional Optional Optional Optional
    PHP 7
    NO Contract
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    Why our cloud is just better

    • Self Healing SSD Cloud nodes
    • Auto scale option on demand
    • Built for Magento
    • Raid 10 SSD array
    • 10GB fibre networking
    • Cpanel, Litespeed, Nginx or Apache
    • Free remote backups
    • KVM Powered
    • Custom private clouds available
    • True High Availability as Standard
    • Samsung Enterprise SSD Drives
    • Extra SSD Disk Space £0.50 per GB
    • Extra Ram £10 per GB
    • Extra CPU £18 per core
    • Choice of OS
    • Skylake Nodes 4Ghz
    • Load balanced clouds available
    • Up to 550MB/sec Sequential Read
    • Up to 520MB/sec Sequential Write
    • Up to 100000 IOPS Random Read
    • Up to 90000 IOPS Random Write