The Simple network is the heart of our internet infrastructure, It includes the switches, routers, racks and power distribution required to keep our services online and accessible, 24x7x365.


You will benefit from our network infrastructure availability, with a 100% connectivity guarantee.


The Simple network is the heart of our internet infrastructure, It includes the switches, routers, racks and power distribution required to keep our services online and accessible, 24x7x365.

To maximise the performance and reliability of our network we have designed our Next Generation Network around your requirements, giving assurance that our network was built for you.


It’s fast, it’s secure and backed with our 100% SLA

Our converged Next Generation Network (NGN) provides you with a single piece of infrastructure which is able to handle all your voice, data and storage needs. Gone are the days of having separate connections for voice and data. Our NGN operates on a packet-based platform which allows multiple paths of traffic to travel, creating a fast, secure and efficient network for your connectivity.

Our NGN Network

With six circuits making up our national ring, our next generation network (NGN) not only delivers low latency speeds in its core but also provides intelligent, diverse routing across the whole of the UK.

Diverse UK Routing

Our network has been architected to self-heal with pro-active network monitoring platforms that help reduce network disruption and dependence on human intervention.


As an independent network aggregator, we have over 45 resilient interconnects with multiple selected carrier partners.

We’re more than just a UK network, we have a global reach with core PoPs on east coast USA and mainland Europe.

We utilise robust sub-sea routes to provide diverse access into international hubs suchas New York City and Frankfurt. Our European ring provides a Paris route for enhanced diversity with multiple sub-sea channel connections into Amsterdam for streamlined management of if additional capacity.


Network Map:simple-network-map

To maximise the performance and reliability of our network we have designed our Next Generation Network around your requirements, giving assurance that our network was built for you.

  • 35 Points of Presence (PoPs)
  • 45 data network interconnections
  • Robust, agile and secure
  • It’s mature and has proven stability
  • It has a global reach
  • Fast and flexible service
  • Low latency in the core

We carry out extensive round-the-clock monitoring of our network routers, circuits and power, so if there is a network issue we can act immediately.

Based in a tier 4 datacentre in Studley, West Midlands. We enjoy meeting our clients and are happy to arrange tours.


Network Speeds 1-1000Mbps
PoPs UKS Studley North & South
Telehouse London Docklands North & East
Telecity London Docklands Sovereign House
Telecity Manchester Kilburn & Williams House
Telx New York 60 Hudson Street

Internet access IP transit.

We are established members of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the largest, most successful internet exchange point in Europe and complement our connections with a number of major international providers.

IP-VPNs & MPLS Wide Area Networks.

In parallel to the delivery of IP Transit the Simple Connect portfolio includes private networks (also called PWANs) for organisation wide connectivity solutions. From business SDSL to international private circuits, Simple delivers competitive and innovative connectivity solutions.

Long Line Ethernet Services.

Through our extensive network of remote datacentres we can provide long line links to other interconnection sites at our core locations in London Docklands, Manchester and New York. Services can be provided from 10M to 1Gbps.