Multi layer intelligent threat protection for your site

We provide an intelligent multi layered security approach for all customers.

Our unique multi layered security approach is critical to todays Magento website. We automatically and transparently block attacks and information gathering attempts to protect your site with several different best of breed software and hardware layers. We understand how critical security is to your Magento store and the impact security breeches can have on your business.

Multiple Layers

Multiple layers of hardware and software security.

OS Hardening

Enhanced OS security & patching

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Complete and comprehensive real-time network protection against threats


Comprehensive Security Approach

We take security seriously. Physical, network, account, server and application-level security – it’s a truly holistic protection plan built-in at the ground up. It all starts with biometric security at our data centers, locked cages, background checks for our data center engineers and technicians and continues with rigid account access control, private network segmentation, and much more.

Brute Force

Brute force attackers are blocked automatically

Port Scanners

Pot scan attackers are blocked automatically

Failed Logins

Multiple failed logins are blocked automatically


WAF Stack

Our Web Application Firewall stack provides superior protection against data loss, application-layer DDoS, and known and previously unknown zero-day application-layer attacks. As new types of threats emerge, the Web Application Firewall dynamically acquires new capabilities to block them.
Choose from the free Simple Sentinel software WAF powered by Comodo or the hardware WAF from Barracuda. Rules are updated dynamically and we can even spot Magento exploits being crafted against your site and virtually patch your store.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) enhances network security by providing complete and comprehensive real-time network protection against a broad range of network threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and exposures in operating systems, applications, and databases preventing network attacks such as:
  • SQL injections and arbitrary code executions
  • Access control attempts and privilege escalations
  • Cross-Site Scripting and buffer overflows
  • Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Directory traversal and probing and scanning attempts
  • Backdoor attacks, Trojans, rootkits, viruses, worms, and spyware


Firewall Stack

We run Multiple firewalls as standard for every customer. Both running a complimentary set of rules. Threats are detected and blocked in real time minimising your sites footprint to the attacker. Brute force, failed logins and port scanners are all blocked dynamically. Plus many more real time security counter measures and unique algorithms to protect your Magento store.

We also block at the firewall perimeter known bad network and bandwidth leeching ip ranges that have a poor IP reputation.

Emergency Malware Removal

Our security team will automatically detect and remove malware on shared and managed servers, communicating with you at all times.


Magento Security Audit

Let our security team scan your Magento site for missing patches and vulnerabilities, we can then install the necessary patches and secure your site.

A poorly secured Magento site can be the cause of significant malware and credit card hijacking.