Why Choose The Cloud?

high availability

Automatic failover

Our cloud is built for resilience at every level, with automatic failover for hypervisors. Our clouds’s built-in monitoring system keeps track of the health of your server and triggers failover automatically to migrate from unresponsive to healthy physical hardware. Most clouds need intervention to migrate your cloud, Our cloud does this for you all on its own being one of the few real highly available SSD clouds on the market today. Automatic failover is standard on all accounts.

Daily + weekly backup

Full block level backups of all your data are backed up every day and retained weekly. Data is stored to a stand alone backup SAN. Backups are not an afterthought but an included part of the service for all accounts, not an expensive extra.



Real Magento & WordPress support

We don’t just say we ‘support’ Magento & WordPress press, we SUPPORT them. Our team of WordPress and Magento experts are on hand to answer any problems you have with the day to day running of your sites, server or WordPress and Magento issues. We are happy to work with your agency in helping solve application level issues also*.

*M-Cloud includes Magento support, W-CLoud includes WordPress Support.

It’s super fast and built for Magento & WordPress

We built our cloud from the beginning to serve Magento and WordPress sites. It’s not running other services, it doesn’t do anything else. The whole architecture was designed to overcome the latency issues most cloud providers suffer from. All Enterprise SSD Storage and nodes with a pure 10GB Network. It really is super fast.


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