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Control Panel Tutorials 21

How to use features with in your cPanel

Domains 4

How to move/manage your domain

Free Site Software 2

What Free software do I get with Simple Servers?

Magento 70

Magento open source eCommerce common questions and resolutions

Magento 2 1

Magento 2 related articles, tips and tricks

Maintenance 1

Maintaining your websites and installations

Mobile Phone/Tablet Email Setup 2

How to setup your email on your iPhone or android device

Mysql 1


R1 Soft Backup 7

R1 Soft Backup is free with all shared accounts and an extra on dedicated servers

Servers 13

Server and technology information

Simple Servers Features 8

How To Use Your Account Features

SSH Tutorials 2

Basic SSH tips and tricks

Website Down 4

Quick checks/fixes that you can try from your side when your website doesn't load.

WHM Server Management 1

Managing your VPS or dedicated server.

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