We believe in telling you exactly what you may be liable to pay. There are no hidden extras and we won’t charge you anything you haven’t been made aware of. You will always be given the opportunity to cancel a service before you are charged for it.

Free Domain Transfers

For the full conditions regarding domain name transfers please read the information below.

Outbound transfers

We will not charge for transferring a domain away from Simple Servers if you perform the transfer from your control panel using the facility available. If you request a member of our staff to perform the transfer then this will be chargeable at £15 + VAT per instance. We make this charge as the transfer process will require engineer time to monitor and complete. The only exception to this will be where the facility to perform a transfer is not present in your control panel, in which case will not charge.

Inbound transfers

We only charge for inbound domain transfers if:

    1. The domain transfer is a FULL transfer is for a domain name type where a fee is mandated by the registry operator in which case the charge levied on us will be in turn levied on you, however, it does extend the life of the domain for 1 year. The charge is normally the cost of a one year renewal for the domain name plus VAT. A full transfer is where we become the ISP responsible for billing.


  1. The transfer is only a partial transfer where we are not the billing ISP but you use our DNS servers and choose not to use the domain with any of our normally paid for services – see below:

Why do you charge if these conditions are not met and how much do you charge?

We make an annual charge of 10 pounds plus VAT because:

  1. A partial transfer requires an engineer to add the domain to our DNS
  2. Our network resources are used in hosting the DNS entry and responding to queries for that domain
  3. By adding the domain to our DNS and control panel you are entitled to use the free web and e-mail diversion facilities we provide in our control panel.
  4. If the domain is to be used in conjunction with an existing web site hosted by us and is to be added after the point of site creation an engineer will have to alter the site and mail configuration for your web site. This takes engineer time which has to be recovered and paid for.

We believe this is a fair policy and offers good value for money. While your domain is with us we will do our best to ensure that you are kept aware of when it is due for renewal and issue renewal notices in good time ensuring you retain your domain name.


When a service is due for renewal you will normally be contacted via e-mail and advised of the renewal. We will nornally send renewal notices to you 30 days prior to the due date.

The address we e-mail you on is the e-mail address used to apply for the service you have taken with us originally. Please note that the onus is on you to notify us of any changes of contact details which you can update these yourself via the control panel. If you have any problems doing this then please let us know.

If a service is not renewed in time then it will be marked pending deletion. Following a further wait period we will then delete all services not paid for.

Credit and Debit card payments

You should note the following in relation to this:

When you sign up with us for a hosting account an agreement is made that will automatically debit your card on a regular basis, the frequency dependant on the billing term you choose.

We will normally attempt to charge your card three days prior to the invoice due date. This allows you to be notified so you can take appropriate action should the payment fail for any reason, and so avoids your service bcoming suspended for being overdue.

If a payment fails due to being refused by your bank or due to the credit card expiring then an email notification is sent to the email address we hold for you, hence the importance of maintaining correct information.

If a payment fails on more than 3 successive days we will suspend your service pending contact and subsequent payment by you.

We will normally contact you in advance via email to tell you that the card we hold on record is expiring. If your credit card expires and you do not update the details and a payment is missed we will suspend your service pending contact or payment by you. For these reasons it is VITAL that you maintain your information correctly.

Payment via Bank transfer or Direct Debit

Payment via bank transfer or direct debit is only allowed at our discretion and with prior authorisation. The reason for this is that it costs us more in terms of administration and bank charges than for cards. Where we have given permisison for payment via bank transfer you must use the invoice reference or account ID as the payment refrences and make payment at least five working days prior to the due date as we need to allocate the payment manuall in most cases.

Payment via Direct Debit is only authorised for dedicated servers and colocation or in certain exceptional circumstances where we provide prior authorisation.