Simple Servers uses Cookies on our Website to help our users – nothing else! We do not give your details away, tell other companies what you attempted to buy (or looked at) and we do not follow you around the internet with adverts! If you want to learn more about Cookies, please click here

There are 4 types of Cookies.

Essential website critical & performance Cookies (used on Simple Servers)
Allows you to use a website to its full specification. For example: can allow you to buy things via a shopping basket.

Third Party Cookies (used on Simple Servers)
Allow us to enhance our web services, for example web chat, and helps us identify you.

Anonymous Statistical Cookie (used on Simple Servers)
Tells the website owner how visitors the site gets – contains no information about the individual.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies (not used on Simple Servers)
Can send information to other websites – this allows them to advertise more effectively. There are some websites out that analyse your behaviour and then attempt to advertise to you as you browse other website on the Internet. Some websites even pass on this information to 3rd parties.

You may have seen adverts that follow you around the internet e.g. if you once looked at a bracelet, on the next site you visit an advert for the same bracelet – Simple Servers does not use this technology.

We only allow Essential Cookies that will allow you to use our website to its full specification, and Anonymous Statistical Cookies that can help tell us what’s popular on our website. We do this to allow us to see trends on our website & products, but more importantly, so we can spot problems.

If you want to opt-out of using Cookies please click here

We are always trying to improve this communication, and will be updating this page when our audits are complete.

Below is a summary of the types of Cookies used on Simple Servers.

‘Essential Cookies’ let you buy products, search for domain names and also get discounts on our products. They do not track your behaviour and are not passed onto anyone.

Accepting these Essential Cookies is a pre requisite of using this website. We cannot guarantee your security or user experience should you choose to block these Cookies.

Cookies that we deem to be Essential to site operations:

Cookie Name Basic Description
WHMCSXXXXX (Where XXXXX is a number)This allows us to know what you have in your shopping cart.

Cookies that allow us to use third party services on our web site that enhance end user experiance.
We have one service from LiveChat allow us to maintain remember you as you navigate our web site so that we can support you better should you use our chat service, for example; so we can reference previous chat sessions you have had with us or see where you are on our web site.

Cookie Name Basic description
__lc.visitor_id. Used by the web chat
lc_window_state Used by the web chat
_3rdparty Used by the web chat
main_window_timestamp_3 Used by the web chat
main_window_timestamp Used by the web chat
message_text Used by the web chat
recent_window Used by the web chat
notification[status_ping] Used by the web chat
__lc_vv Used by the web chat
__livechat_lastvisit Used by the web chat
__livechat Used on this website

Statistical cookies do not contain any personal information– they simply tell us how our website is performing – essential for us to improve customer experience. These statistics the Cookies provide tell us if there are problems, and will also give us some indication (anonymously) as to what our customers are interested in.

Cookie Name Google Analytics anonymous tracking
_ga Used on this website
_gid Used on this website
_utmz Used on this website
_utmc Used on this website
_utmb Used on this website
_utma Used on this website
_utmx Used on this website
_utmxx Used on this website

Opting out of using cookies

If you dont want to use Cookies – there are several ways of changing your settings. But please remember if you disable the use of Cookies completely you may not be able to use some websites.