New Year – New Opportunities

With the festive season firmly behind us and a very busy run up to Christmas it’s now time to look forward to an exciting new era at Simple Servers. We are now part of the IOMART family and are now in the position of owning our own infrastructure, this means faster support and much quicker hardware deployment times. Nothing will change on the ground here or in our support team, we just have extra reach with IOMART PLC behind us now.

This means we can now offer:

  • Offer higher spec hardware.
  • Deploy hardware quicker.
  • Advanced DDOS protection is now standard on new servers and cloud.
  • All new Cloud build ready for new customers.
  • Offer unlimited bandwidth on new dedicated servers.
  • New data-centres worldwide – Canada, USA, Europe, UAE, Asia and Australia.


Support will improve and everyone will benefit from a new faster network, with faster machines this places us and our customers in the perfect position to capitalise on this new investment and build a stronger, bigger and faster platform than ever in 2018.

To your continued success!


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