Barclays Magento Letter- Red Alert

When you really need someone who knows Magento looking after your business.

One of our customers recently received this letter about a ‘new’ threat known as the ‘shoplift bug’ from Barclays dated July 2016.

Whilst it’s interesting that Barclays are looking out for their customers using Magento, we were a bit worried about the the timing of the letter, we were advising about this over 12 months ago in April 2015 to our customers.

Barclays magento

Some of the tips in the letter are good, it’s just a bit too late and lacking in any new information.

No mention of more recent SUPEE-7405 patches that solves the Stored XSS vulnerability either or the Shoplift related Guruincsite Infection that followed in October 2015.

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