cPanel & WHM 60 Performance boost

cPanel, Inc. tentatively plans to release cPanel & WHM version 60 to the CURRENT tier the week of October 10th, 2016. Below are just a few of the new features we expect.

25% less memory use, 10 times the speed

25% reduction in memory usage means more memory for applications and customers.
Greatly improved account creation and account termination performance. On average account creation time in version 60 is now under one second, which is up to ten times faster!

 PHP-FPM — Your application’s NEW rocket fuel!

PHP-FPM grants you faster application performance and a reliable security model, without sacrificing speed.


PowerDNS is a modern DNS system that uses BIND files to provide an optimized nameserver solution. PowerDNS uses less memory and processor load, and provides less latency for requests.

 Faster DNS Zone Reloads

The deferred reload system for Name Servers received a complete overhaul, improving the responsiveness of all Zone and Domain interfaces. Multiple Zone edits place less load on the system allowing faster response times.


Protect your website from one of the most widely exploited exploit vectors with DNSSEC.

 SNI support on cPanel services

With SNI support added to all of cPanel’s services, certificate warnings are a thing of the past. cPanel, WHM, webmail and more in version 60 will all use your domain’s installed SSL certificates by default.

 Style Management comes to WHM

You’re in control with the new Style Management interface in WHM. Download, upload, and manage all of your Paper Lantern styles directly from WHM.

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