Son of Magento Godzilla Server build

We have just launched our biggest and best Magento cluster to date, nicknamed ‘Son of Godzilla’ in reference to our original Godzilla build here

godzillaThis is our most powerful and condensed Magento cluster to date. We have nick named it ‘Son of Godzilla’. This beast lets rip with 100% Samsung Pro SSD raid ten storage and the super fast Hex and Quad Core Intel Cpu’s.


This time we are using only 3u to deliver 28 Cores of Cpu at 3.5 Ghz each. Each server has 5 Samsung pro drives in a raid 10 config.
This solution can deliver a whopping maximum amount of ram up to 960GB (30 DIMM Slots)
We have used the latest Dell 12th Gen servers (as we always do).

  • 28 CPU Cores-Intel® Xeon® 3.5GHz, 20M Cache, 8.0GT/s QPI, Turbo,
  • 128 Gb Ram 1600 MHz
  • RAID 10, 1GB NV Cache hardware raid card
  • Smasung 840 Pro raid ten array
  • 540MB/sec Sequential Read
  • 520MB/sec Sequential Write
  • 100000 IOPS Random Read
  • 90000 IOPS Random Write

We delivered the solution with a mixture of Apache, Varnish and Percona. All built on our tried and tested, highly secure and optimised Magebox platform.

Images took at install time

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